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SAO Widget


The widgets are designed refer to a popular Anime "Sword Art Online".You can find the SAO widgets in the widget list and add them into your home screen.
List of widgets:
- SAO Self HP Bar Widget- SAO Teammates HP Bar Widget- SAO Clock Bar Widget- GGO Weather Bar Widget- GGO HP Bar Widget
For old version of Android (Android 2.X), there is no resize option for the widgets. So I provide different size of widgets. You should use the correct size based on your devices screen dpi.
For later version of Android (Android 3.0 and later), you may resize the widgets.
Please do NOT put the application in the SD card because it will make the widgets disappeared.
It is the new version of "SAO Widget". The old version is discontinued. Since I forgot the Android keystore password (a key for the developer to continue publishing their applications), I need to publish this application in a new page. I am really sorry about that.
If you are using old version of "SAO Widget", please delete it and install this for upgrade. Thanks!